• At what time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at 1PM; this means you can enter your room at 1PM. You can also come earlier and already start enjoying our other facilities, no problem! Check-out is at 11am, but if you wish to stay at The Monkey Hut and use the facilities beyond this time there is a $4 surcharge per person. Click here for more information about Rooms


  • We’re bringing our own hammocks or mattresses; can we stay at The Monkey Hut?

Yes you can, but we will charge an overnight fee. Please ask for more info at the reception. Click here for more information about Rooms


  • I want to make a room reservation; do I have to pay a deposit?

Normally we ask for a 50% deposit. Please contact our receptionists and they will give you all details… Click here for Reservations and for our cancellation and no-show policies


  • I’m not fluent in Spanish; how do I make a reservation at The Monkey Hut?

Don’t worry, just e-mail or call us: all our receptionists speak both Spanish and English… Click here for Reservations


  • Why do you charge a 15% sales tax?

At The Monkey Hut, we choose to abide by all national Nicaraguan laws and tax duties. Our aim is to support local development, and we do believe that the obligatory 15% sales tax (which goes to the local and central government, and by no means ends up in our own pockets!) will help developing local and national conditions (construction of roads, generation of public employment and services, etc.). Furthermore, all our staff members have a legal employment contract and are paid according to the Nicaraguan legislation (including social security, right to holidays, etc.). At The Monkey Hut we try to prove that respecting Nicaraguan laws does not form an obstruction to a healthy and socially-responsible small business with accessible prices.


  • I’m not really a good swimmer, what can I do to enjoy the lagoon’s crystal clear water?

Swimming and using water toys at The Monkey Hut is at your own risk, but we offer life vests (also for kids), and strongly recommend all guests to ask for them at the reception. They are free of charge, we only ask a refundable deposit! Click here for more information about Activities.


  • I’m travelling around, but I would like to stay in Nicaragua for a while; any chance that I can get a job at The Monkey Hut?

At The Monkey Hut, we’re constantly looking for managers willing to work for at least four months. Click here for more information about Job Opportunities.


  • Is there a “silence time”, when all music should be switched off?

The Monkey Hut is located in a nature reserve, and we always try to respect this precious environment. At the same time, The Monkey Hut is an outstanding place to meet other travellers and interesting people. We’re very flexible, and our philosophy is that the freedom of one person should never affect the freedom of another person. Normally we switch off the music on our terrace at 9pm, but if all guests are still awake and want to listen to some quiet music, they obviously can (respecting the noise limits in the nature reserve)…


  • Is there any chance we will see some wildlife at The Monkey Hut?

Yes there is, if you’re lucky you may observe one of the toucans that regularly visit our palm trees… Hummingbirds are also regular visitors, and once in a while a howler monkey checks out The Monkey Hut trees. The Apoyo lagoon is also a perfect place to spot all kinds of birds.


Job Opportunities

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